Why Fortune

Our mission is to empower individuals of all ages and skill levels to discover their passion for the Olympic sport of fencing. Through comprehensive training and education, we strive to help our members reach their competitive and athletic goals while fostering a supportive and inclusive community. We aim to promote and grow the sport of fencing and to achieve excellence in every aspect of our training.

  • Fortunately, we found fortune fencing. The two coaches are very professional and patient with students. My son has made progress in every class. Than you! Coaches!

    thumb Guohua XIE
  • We have been members at Fortune Fencing for over 8 years. Our three sons have been training with Coach Emara and Coach Z. They're phenomenal! They are greatly involved, truly love fencing, and enjoy helping all fencers achieve their best. Their students are happy and challenged. Students say that the coaches not only help them improve in fencing, but grow as a person too. I actively see growth in my sons' abilities. I also love the honesty and integrity of this exceptional place. I cannot recommend Fortune Fencing enough!

    thumb Katy Lin
  • A true gem of the community. Coach Emara has great patience with his students and is also very responsible. A great activity to enhance concentration and develop agility, not to mention it’s also a fun activity/workout.

    thumb Amber Chen
  • I heard about Fortune Fencing from the radio and wondering if it’s too late for my 13 years old son to start learning fencing. I took my son to try the class anyway . Coach Z is very nice and professional, he told me it was fun and he liked it. Now he moved to the competitive class. I’m glad to see all his efforts and improvements. It has boosted his confidence a lot too. Both Coach Emara and Coach Z are very attentive and professional, they will make sure everyone gets their skills improved based on their level. I’m glad that my son liked this new sport and made big progress. I’m live in city of walnut, but I’m willing to travel a little far to this place as long as my son enjoys it.

    thumb Helen Zhu
  • If you are looking for a reliable fencing academy, I recommend Fortune Fencing, Monrovia. My child doesn't exercise steadily, but coach Emara and coach Zeyad continue to teach according to the individual tendencies and characteristics of the students.

    We have been attending the Fortune fencing for more than 3 years before and during the COVID-19.

    믿을 만한 펜싱 아카데미를 찾고 있다면 Monrovia에 있는 Fortune Fencing을 추천합니다. 저희 아이는 운동을 꾸준히 하지 않지만, 두분에 코치께서 학생들의 개별 성향과 특성에 맞게 가르켜수셔서 저희는 3년 이상 다니고 있습니다.

    thumb Christine Oh
  • If you’re looking for an amazing, professional, and fun fencing academy, then Fortune Fencing is definitely for you! I’m currently a student at Fortune Fencing, and it’s been about three years of being a student there. I definitely recommend Fortune Fencing if you need to improve your skills or want to get into the wonderful sport of fencing! They have private and group lessons, and the instructors are very qualified and superb.

    thumb Jaelyn Seol


Regardless of the starting point, there are many values that can be learned by participating in sports. Some of these values include work ethic, respect and overcoming adversity.


Treating the people that you play with and against as you would like to be treated.


Physical activity that promotes motor skills development, performance and educational potential.


A talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards.


To feel admiration for someone or to regard as being worthy of admiration because of good qualities.

Fortune Fencing is conveniently located in Monrovia, California.

Are you looking for a fencing club near Pasadena? Well, look no further! We're located in Monrovia, just a stone's throw away from the 210 freeway and downtown Monrovia. So, it's super easy to drop by and visit us.
We'd love you to come and check out our club and see what we're all about. Take a tour of our facilities and meet our amazing coaches and members. Trust us, once you see the passion and dedication everyone has for fencing, you'll fall in love with the sport just like we have.
We're a welcoming and supportive community, and we're excited to help you discover your passion for fencing. So don't hesitate; come on by and join us. We can't wait to have you as part of our fencing family!


Our Facilities

As a permanent facility, Fortune Fencing offers the community a fencing studio that provides instructional programs for students age 8 to 80. Our club has a custom built floor, similar to a dance floor or gymnasium, it is outfitted with state-of-the-art scoring equipment, and an armory that offers uniform and equipment sales, equipment repair services, and uniform stenciling services.

In 2003 we took great care to build a permanent fencing facility with our student's and member's health and safety in mind. Our floor was designed to reduce and prevent injury to fencers. We routinely refurbish our fencing floor to keep it in superior condition.

Fortune Fencing offers seven competition strips (6'x 40') including one grounded strip, electronic scoring equipment, lockers, refreshments, and other amenities. We also provide a viewing area for parents and visitors, with free wi-fi, and a reception area.