2024 Fortune Fencing SYC, RJCC & Y8

2024 Fortune Fencing SYC, RJCC & Y8

2024 Fortune Fencing SYC, RJCC & Y8

2024 Fortune Fencing SYC, RJCC & Y8
2024 Fortune Fencing SYC, RJCC & Y8

The Venue: Ontario Convention Center

Discover the expansive Ontario Convention Center, featuring Halls A & B (encompassing the entire Exhibit Halls) at 2000 E Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764. Click Here for more information.

This amazing venue covers an area of 85,000 square feet and has 53 grounded strips. It also provides free water stations throughout the space for the guests’ convenience. Moreover, the venue management gives top priority to maintaining a clean environment by implementing round-the-clock cleaning and disinfection protocols across the entire place.

The convention center is conveniently located only 1.7 miles away from Ontario International Airport (ONT). Additionally, it can be easily accessed from several other airports including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is located 54 miles away, John Wayne Airport (SNA), which is situated 45 miles away, and Long Beach Airport (LGB), which is located 50 miles away. Moreover, the convention center is well-connected to major highways in the area.

We Promise Excellence:

At our events, we are committed to providing a seamless experience. This means that all events will start promptly within a few minutes after the registration closes, and there will be minimal delays before and between rounds. We don’t use flighted events, so you can expect a smooth and straightforward tournament experience. Our dedicated Bout Committee staff work tirelessly to ensure everything runs like clockwork. We are proud to have highly ranked and licensed National and International referees on hand to oversee every match. We take great pride in delivering a well-organized, efficient event that meets the satisfaction of all participants.

Additionally, the final matches will be live-streamed on YouTube in multi-camera format, making them more accessible to a wider audience. We prioritize your satisfaction and aim to deliver a well-organized and efficient event for all participants. More here: https://www.youtube.com/@FortuneFencing

Age Eligibility

  • Y8 = 2015-2018
  • Y10 = 2013-2016
  • Y12 = 2011-2014 (or on Y10 NRPS)
  • Y14 = 2009-2012 (or on Y12 NRPS)
  • CADET = 2008-2011 (or on Y14 NRPS)
  • JUNIOR = 2005-2011 (or on CADET NRPS)

Tournament Schedule

  • All times are Close to Check-in
  • The start times of events are subject to change to maintain load balancing. We will notify all fencers if there will be any change in start times.
  • The capping of events is subject to change to maintain a reasonable number of attendees throughout the whole day.



  • 8:00 AM Y10MF
  • 8:00 AM Y12WF
  • 8:00 AM JNRWE
  • 8:00 AM Y10WE
  • 8:00 AM Y10WS
  • 10:30 AM Y8MS
  • 12:00 PM Y14ME
  • 12:00 PM Y14MS
  • 12:00 PM JNRWF
  • 2:30 PM Y8WS
  • 4:00 PM CDTMF
  • 4:00 PM Y8WF
  • 4:00 PM Y14WS


  • 8:00 AM Y14MF
  • 8:00 AM Y10MS
  • 8:00 AM Y14WE
  • 8:00 AM JNRWS
  • 12:00 PM Y12ME
  • 12:00 PM CDTWF
  • 12:00 PM Y10WF
  • 12:00 PM Y12WS
  • 1:00 PM Y8MF
  • 4:00 PM JNRME
  • 4:00 PM Y8ME
  • 4:00 PM CDTMS
  • 4:00 PM Y8WE


  • 8:00 AM JNRMF
  • 8:00 AM Y12MS
  • 8:00 AM CDTWE
  • 12:00 PM Y12MF
  • 12:00 PM CDTME
  • 12:00 PM CDTWS
  • 4:00 PM Y10ME
  • 4:00 PM JNRMS
  • 4:00 PM Y14WF
  • 4:00 PM Y12WE


Mar 22 - 24 2024


All Day
Ontario Convention Center


Ontario Convention Center
Hall A & B

2000 E Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764

Elsayed Emara


Elsayed Emara

Tournament Organizer, Head Fencing Coach at Fortune Fencing, overseeing competitive program development and management.

Other Organizers

Abdel Aziz

Tournament Director

Hisham Abdelaziz

Head Referee

Brandon Rochelle

Bout Committee Chair

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