Welcome to USA Fencing’s Innovative Platform: FenceLab”

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2 August 2023
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11 August 2023

Welcome to USA Fencing’s Innovative Platform: FenceLab”

USA Fencing has recently launched an innovative platform, FenceLab, designed to provide a transformative journey for its members. This platform is an exciting development in the world of fencing, offering a wealth of resources and educational opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of coaches, officials, and fencers.

About FenceLab

FenceLab is a member-exclusive platform, providing curated content based on the membership status with USA Fencing. This ensures that each member receives personalized content, tailored to their specific needs and interests.

Coach Education Program

One of the key features of FenceLab is the Coach Education program. This program offers exclusive access to expert-led training sessions, webinars, and workshops. It empowers coaches by enhancing their coaching techniques and leadership abilities. All USA Fencing Coach members will have access to coach training modules within “FenceLab”, with certain exemptions available. The program also requires coaches to complete four Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after the first year. Life Members will need to purchase the +Coach Add-On to access the coaching education content. This initiative is a testament to USA Fencing’s commitment to the continuous development of its members.

Referee Education Program

In addition to the Coach Education program, FenceLab is set to launch a specialized Referee Education program. This program will provide a wealth of resources, including video tutorials and rulebooks, to enhance the knowledge, decision-making abilities, and overall performance of referees. This upcoming feature further demonstrates the comprehensive nature of the FenceLab platform.

Fencing Resources

FenceLab also offers a collection of valuable assets and tools under the banner of Fencing Resources and then Coach Resources. These resources are designed to enhance the overall fencing experience of its members, providing them with the tools, mostly videos, they need to excel.

Let’s dive into one of the videos titled “Epee Foundational Offensive Actions Extension,” which offers a comprehensive guide on the foundational offensive actions in epee fencing. The video starts with the basic on-guard position, extending the arm towards the opponent’s chest and recovering the arm fully. It then progresses to more complex techniques such as disengagement moves, lunges, and the “one two three” technique. The instructor emphasizes the importance of maintaining the correct posture, keeping the guard up and outside, and ensuring the knees are bent and the shoulders relaxed. The video is an excellent resource for beginners and intermediate fencers looking to improve their offensive actions in epee fencing.

USA Fencing has always been a strong advocate for the sport of fencing, and the launch of FenceLab is a clear demonstration of this commitment. The organization is continually looking for ways to enhance the platform and encourages its members to reach out with any questions or content ideas.

FenceLab is a groundbreaking initiative by USA Fencing, providing a comprehensive platform for its members. It’s a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering the growth and development of the sport of fencing. Whether you’re a coach, a fencer, or an official, FenceLab has something to offer you.

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