Corporate/Special Events

Corporate Team Building Program and Special Events

Does your organization need a change of perspective? Does learning how to duel like Luke Skywalker or Rey sound like a cool birthday party experience?

Fortune Fencing offers your group the chance to learn that "Swords are Fun"! Enable better teamwork between colleagues by increasing skills such as giving and receiving support, communication, and sharing common experiences.

This 2 hour experience is a great way to "take a stab" at this time honored sport. Your group or party will learn the basics,dress up in a fencing uniform, attach themselves to the electronic scoring equipment and try their hand at "dueling" in a safe and controlled environment.

Fencing can be challenging, but is rewarding and exciting experience! Fencing is a safe and thrilling sport for all ages and abilities. This may be a surprise, considering the sport's origins, but modern fencing equipment and rules ensure that injuries are limited to the occasional bruised arm, or ego.

The price starts at $25.00 per person for up to 10 participants( with a minimum requirement of 6 participants). Special arrangements can be made for groups up to 14 people. Please email for details or to make a reservation.