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Is fencing a safe sport?
Fencing is a very safe sport with one of the lowest injury rates of any martial arts. This is because the protective gear and weapons are designed to protect the athlete from harm.
What is the age limit to learn how to fence?
Fencing is a wonderful sport for all ages. Beginning fencers should be at least seven years old, but fencing isn't just a youth sport at Fortune Fencing there are adult classes for veteran fencers as well as adult recreational fencers.
What is proper clothing to wear to a class?
New students should wear a T-shirt, long pants like sweat pants or athletic warm-ups, and lace up athletic shoes. Please bring a water bottle. For health reasons fencers will be required to own their own fencing uniforms. The minimum necessary equipment is a fencing mask,fencing glove, jacket and under arm protector.