Club Fencing Stars Shine Bright in Recent Competitions

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Club Fencing Stars Shine Bright in Recent Competitions

[Monrovia, 09/15/2023] – The fencers from our esteemed club demonstrated their exceptional skills and determination in various categories at the Fortune Fencing competition held at the Ontario Convention Center earlier this month. Their performances have not only made the club proud but have also set a benchmark for aspiring fencers.

Div I-A Men’s Épée saw Nicholas Jin clinching the 🥈 2nd place, a remarkable achievement. Kyran Lin also put up a commendable performance, securing the 34th position.

Y10 Women’s Epee – Our young fencers displayed great potential in the Y-10 Women’s Épée category. Maggie Yang, Isabelle Wong, and Mirabelle Fli secured the 24th, 28th, and 33rd positions respectively.

Div II Women’s Épée had a strong representation from our club, with Michele Chimienti, Jolene Tran, Jocelyn Tran, and Micky Gallivan securing spots in the top 50.

Y-8 Men’s Épée was a category of celebration, with Alexander Yi bagging the 🥉 3rd place, a testament to his hard work and dedication.

The Y-14 Men’s Épée saw Everson Fli and Joshua Zhang giving their best, securing the 52nd and 63rd positions, respectively.

Our Cadet Women’s Épée fencers, Brianna Mun, Elizabeth Hsiu, Jolene Tran, and Wendy Sun, showcased their prowess by securing spots in the top 70.

Y-10 Men’s Épée was another category where our club shone brightly. Kyle Wong’s exceptional performance earned him the 7th position, followed by commendable performances by Jenson Zhang, Alexander Yi, William Liu, Matthew Hwang, Daniel D, and Kevin Yang.

In Div II Men’s Épée, Thomas Ferriere, David Yi, Mark Kruger, Alexander Colis, and James Gallivan proudly represented the club, all securing positions within the top 50.

Veteran Women’s Épée was a category of triumph, with Michele Chimienti and Jacquie Parker winning the 🥈 2nd and 🥉 3rd places respectively. Mickey Gallivan’s 8th position added another feather to the club’s cap.

Junior Women’s Épée saw Camille Barbara and Elizabeth Hsiu giving their best shots, securing the 16th and 27th positions.

Our Cadet Men’s Épée fencers, Joshua Ferriere, Joshua Zhang, and Wyatt Han, showcased their skills, securing spots in the top 100.

Y-12 Women’s Épée had Carlie Li and Lydia Kuo representing the club, securing the 28th and 34th positions.

Junior Men’s Épée saw commendable performances by Kyran Lin, Joshua Ferriere, Alexander Colis, and Max Ramos.

Div I-A Women’s Épée had Camille Barbara and Brianna Mun making the club proud with their 10th and 31st positions.

Y-8 Women’s Épée witnessed Isabelle Wong’s outstanding performance, securing the 🥉 3rd place.

Y-14 Women’s Épée had SUN Zhanwen, Wendy S, Chloe Li, Jocelyn Tran, and Olivia Limares proudly representing the club.

Lastly, in Veteran Men’s Épée, Mark Kruger secured the 🥉 3rd place, followed by Thomas Ferriere in the 7th position. David Yi and James Gallivan also put up commendable performances.

Y-12 Men’s Épée saw Theo Ferriere representing the club and securing the 57th position.

Earned Ratings:

The event also saw some of our fencers earning their ratings. Joshua Ferriere showcased his progress in the Junior Men’s Epee, earning a D23 rating. Similarly, Mark Kruger’s exceptional performance in the Veteran Men’s Epee also earned him a D23 rating.

A big round of applause for all our fencers! Their dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport have paid off. 

The results from the Fortune Fencing RYC/RJCC/ROC(D1A, DV2, VET) & Y8 are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and talent present within Fortune Fencing. The club continues to nurture and produce top-tier fencers, ready to take on national and international challenges. With such promising results, the future looks bright for Fortune Fencing.

The club looks forward to more such achievements in the future. Keep fencing, keep shining! 👏🎉🤺

Elsayed Emara
Elsayed Emara
Hi, I'm Coach Emara, a contributor to this blog and Head Coach/Program Director at Fortune Fencing. With over two decades of coaching experience and a former stint as an Olympian fencer for Egypt, I have a wealth of expertise to share. I've trained many competitive fencers to national and international success. As the Vice President of the Midwest Fencing Coaches Association and a former educator at Illinois Central Community College, I'm eager to use this platform to share insights from my journey and inspire the next generation of fencers.

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