7 September 2020

Whether the motivation is Star Wars or swashbuckling pirates, fencing sport is an exciting idea for children.

For parents who understand the benefits of fencing, the decision about when to get their child started is a little more complicated. Fencing involves a lot of concentration, technique, and dedication, so the age that children start does matter – particularly when parents are paying for it. Children as young as five, for example, may not benefit as much from fencing or have the concentration to focus on their skill-building. 

However, there are a lot of clubs out there that develop programs from a very young age to introduce fencing as a fun and exciting sport. These would use plastic swords and games to learn the techniques needed, then the children would level up as time goes on. Not only that, but fencing clubs for children provide them with a space to get to know new friends and build their confidence.

Generally, it’s recommended that children be around seven years old before they join a fencing club, as it’s the ideal age to listen and take in the information. Of course, if you are already a part of a fencing club yourself, your child may want to practice a little earlier because of that – but that’s fine! Children will always imitate their parents so that they could develop an interest in the sport at a younger age than seven.

It’s a smart idea to find a club that will cater to younger children, as they will help your children to grow and develop. Have a chat with the coach and visit a few of the sessions to see whether it would be right for your child.

When it comes to competitions, children generally can start competing from age seven, too. Young fencers should understand how competition works and begin developing a good idea of good competition, and if you can build them up to that before involving them in competing, it will be better for them. Younger children may not compete as often, but it’s such a good feeling for them to be part of a tournament when they’re young. It’s really going to be up to you and your child how old they will be when they start with a fencing club.

Good balance between physical, social, and mental benefits 

Maturity and motor skills make a difference, as no two children develop in the same way. This means that some children will not be ready under the age of ten and others will. The best way to tell is to bring them to a club and see how they get on – they may love it!

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