Fencing Techniques

Exploring different fencing techniques, tips for improving skills, and breaking down specific moves or strategies.

24 May 2023

Discovering the potential of the Fleche: A remarkable skill in fencing.

Fencing involves various offensive and defensive maneuvers, and the fleche stands out as a powerful and lightning-fast attack. Fortune Fencing explores the intricacies of this remarkable skill, guiding you through proper execution, target area, common mistakes to avoid, and defensive techniques. Master the body mechanics, precision targeting, and defensive strategies to unlock the full potential of the fleche and make it a formidable weapon in your fencing arsenal.
19 May 2023

Korean Fencers: Masters of Strength, Technique, and Beautiful Toe Touches

When it comes to the art of epee fencing, the precision and strategy involved can make all the difference between victory and defeat. In the arsenal […]
12 May 2023

Mastering Footwork in Fencing: The Key to Success

Note: This article is based on the insights from French Olympic team member Alexandre Bardenet in the YouTube video “Tuto Escrime: les déplacements – YouTube.” World […]
5 April 2023

Maximizing Performance: Proven Strategies to Manage Stress During Fencing Competitions

For many fencers, competing at national and international levels can be overwhelming. As a fencing coach with years of experience training successful athletes, I understand the […]
18 January 2023

Building a Winning Fitness Routine: How to Improve Your Performance on the Fencing Strip

Several types of fitness training can benefit epee fencers, including cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and flexibility training. Cardiovascular fitness is important for epee fencers because fencing […]