15 September 2023

Club Fencing Stars Shine Bright in Recent Competitions

[Monrovia, 09/15/2023] – The fencers from our esteemed club demonstrated their exceptional skills and determination in various categories at the Fortune Fencing competition held at the […]
18 August 2023

The Winning Formula: Combining Group Classes and Private Lessons for Aspiring Fencers

Fencing is an excellent sport for children, offering numerous physical and mental benefits. Finding the right balance between group classes and private lessons is crucial for […]
11 August 2023

The Evolution of Fencing: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Art and Sport

Throughout military history, the development of weapons has always been a topic of interest and analysis. Among the many changes and modifications, one, in particular, stands […]
4 August 2023

Welcome to USA Fencing’s Innovative Platform: FenceLab”

USA Fencing has recently launched an innovative platform, FenceLab, designed to provide a transformative journey for its members. This platform is an exciting development in the […]
2 August 2023

The Evolution and Excitement of Olympic Fencing

Fencing has been a pillar of the Olympic Games since its modern inception, evolving from a gentleman’s pursuit into one of the world’s most thrilling sports. […]