Thomas Ferriere

14 February 2024
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Welcome to the Thrilling World of Fencing with Fortune Fencing Club in Monrovia, CA

Embarking on your fencing journey and have concerns about safety or where to start? Fortune Fencing Club in Monrovia, CA, is here to guide you through […]
18 January 2024


THE WORLD’S LEADING FORGE FOR OLYMPIC FENCING BLADES La Société Blaise Frères: A Century-Old Legacy You know what they say: some things get better with age! […]
31 October 2023

Yamada Masaru: Rising Star of Japanese Épée Fencing

In the world of fencing, where agility, precision, and strategy are the hallmarks of a champion, Yamada Masaru stands as a testament to these qualities. Born […]
11 October 2023

The Meteoric Rise of Ibtihaj Muhammad: From New Jersey to Olympic Glory

In the vast history of the Olympics, many fencers have displayed their prowess on the piste, battling opponents with finesse and skill. Among them, Ibtihaj Muhammad […]
29 September 2023

How Fencing Can Improve Your Blood Pressure At Any Age

Fencing is an intense cardiovascular activity that provides numerous health benefits, including lowering high blood pressure. Here’s an in-depth look at how the sport of fencing can contribute to better blood pressure control for participants of all ages. […]