Fortune Fencing

29 May 2023

Fortune Fencing Expands for a Bigger and Better Season

Get ready for an action-packed summer as we unveil the exciting expansion of our club! We are thrilled to announce that just in time for the […]
26 May 2023

The Transformative Power of Fencing: Building Passion, Friendship, and Personal Growth

Fencing is a sport that goes beyond the clash of blades and swift footwork—it has the power to ignite a lifelong passion, create lasting friendships, and contribute to personal growth. From the thrill of competition to the emotional rollercoaster of victories and defeats, fencing provides a rich tapestry of experiences. It offers the opportunity to meet legendary champions, interact with renowned coaches, and explore different corners of the world. Fencing becomes more than just a sport—it becomes a transformative journey that profoundly shapes individuals.
25 May 2023

The Modification of Strip Coaching Regulation in USA Fencing: A Significant Leap Towards Politeness and Global Consistency

The upcoming strip coaching rule change in USA Fencing represents a pivotal alteration set to reshape coaching practices in the sport. By aligning with international standards and removing a specific exception, USA Fencing aims to foster a more respectful and civil environment during competitions. Additionally, this change will better prepare U.S. athletes for international rules while emphasizing fairness, respect, and global preparedness. The article delves into the objectives behind the modification and highlights its significance for the sport's future.
24 May 2023

Discovering the potential of the Fleche: A remarkable skill in fencing.

Fencing involves various offensive and defensive maneuvers, and the fleche stands out as a powerful and lightning-fast attack. Fortune Fencing explores the intricacies of this remarkable skill, guiding you through proper execution, target area, common mistakes to avoid, and defensive techniques. Master the body mechanics, precision targeting, and defensive strategies to unlock the full potential of the fleche and make it a formidable weapon in your fencing arsenal.
19 May 2023

Korean Fencers: Masters of Strength, Technique, and Beautiful Toe Touches

When it comes to the art of epee fencing, the precision and strategy involved can make all the difference between victory and defeat. In the arsenal […]