Fencing Coaches


Coach German is a Fencing Master from the French National School of Fencing Master (Ecole Nationale de Maitre d’Armes). He obtained his diploma in Dinard, France in 1989. Native from Colombia he was part of the national team in both foil and sabre. German moved to the US in 2000 first to Texas where he helped students such as Aaron Adjemian to win NAC events in Epee. In 2002 he moved to Los Angeles bringing his knowledge and expertise to contribute for the development of the Sport of Fencing in California. Here German has introduced many students to this wonderful sport from elementary school to college level. Some of his positions include: Pomona College Fencing Instructor since 2012 (C5C women’s epee team 2Nd place SoCal college conference 2012); coach at Harvard Westlake Middle School from 2005 to 2008 (Scholastic Fencing League Champion 2008).
With more than 25 years of experience teaching youth and adult students “Maestro” German has introduced, taken, or helped fencers in all three weapons during their competitive careers. Several of them achieving outstanding results at national and international level such as: Joy Rafidi, Oriana Isacsson, Alexie Rubin in Epee; Aaron and Aiden Ahn in Foil: and more recently Mikaela Avakian in Sabre.